[MPlayer-DOCS] typo and ambiguity in r23561

JRaSH jrash06 at 163.com
Sun Jun 17 03:54:53 CEST 2007


In 7952, the document writes:
"... loosing them looks far worse than loosing "

The "loosing"s should be "losing", right?

Also in this line and the following line:
"MV & DC are most important, loosing them looks far worse than loosing"
"the AC and the 1. & 2. partition."

I don't catch its meaning clearly. I think the sentence want to tell that 
1. & 2. partition (MV & DC) are more important than 3. partition (AC). So
why is losing the 1. & 2. partition worse than losing 1. & 2. and AC?
I guess it should be "losing 1. & 2. partition is worse than losing AC".

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