[MPlayer-DOCS] mplayer beginners guide

adam hyde adam at flossmanuals.net
Wed Jun 13 13:25:29 CEST 2007


I am new to the list but am a long time user of MPlayer. Recently I
started a project dedicated to the development of manuals about free
software (http://www.flossmanuals.net).

There is already a starters guide for MPlayer but it has very little
content at present (http://www.flossmanuals.net/mplayer).

Some of the manuals, including this one, are aimed at helping newbies
get started with the softwares. So there are plenty of screenshots and
very straight forward explanations of what the software does and doesn't

The manual is built in a wiki (TWiki) and editing is very straight
forward (using wysiwyg). All docs are copyright of the creator and are

I was wondering if there would be any support for developing this manual
further? If there is support for such an idea, then perhaps we could
develop an outline of chapters to be written and quickly put this
material together so there is a clear and comphrehensive guide on how to
get started with MPlayer...

looking forward to any thoughts on this...


adam hyde
floss manuals

free manuals for free software

mobile : + 31 6 154 22770 (Netherlands mobile)
email : adam at flossmanuals.net

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