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Author: kraymer
Date: Tue Jul  3 15:17:51 2007
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Modified: trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1
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@@ -1728,7 +1728,8 @@ Can be used with \-vid and \-aid.
 This option tunes various properties of the TV capture module.
 For watching TV with MPlayer, use 'tv://' or 'tv://<channel_number>'
 or even 'tv://<channel_name> (see option channels for channel_name below)
-as a movie URL. You can also use 'tv:///<input_id>' to start watching
+as a movie URL.
+You can also use 'tv:///<input_id>' to start watching
 movie from Composite or S-Video input (see option input for details).
 .sp 1
 Available options are:

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