[MPlayer-DOCS] encoding-guide: outdated description of x264enc options?

Andrew Savchenko Bircoph at list.ru
Sat Jan 6 19:04:34 CET 2007

It seems that description of x264 encoding options is slightly 
outdated. Into paragraph "Options which primarily affect speed and 
quality" in description of the subq opion anyone can see:
subq=6 is the slowest, highest quality mode.

But in the manual:
6    Enables  rate-distortion optimization of macroblock types in 
I- and P-frames.
7    Enables rate-distortion optimization of motion  vectors  and  
intra modes. (best)
So, subq=7 seems to be the highest quality mode. Probably it sould 
be describded instead of subq=6. Or its quality gain is negligible 
in comparision with speed loss and it is considered as 
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