[MPlayer-DOCS] HTML docs - config files - patch

david david at avoncliff.com
Wed Jan 3 15:26:25 CET 2007

>>I noticed that the html documentation does not include much information
>>about config files. Feeling in a festive mood I thought I would try and
>>improve this. Then I discovered a need to know what docbook is 8-(
>>So here is a patch based on what I have learnt today and the man pages.
>>You are welcome to do what you like with it 8-)
> This seems like a valuable addition to the docs. I'll do my best to
> review and merge it to the "official" docs ASAP.
Thanks, compliments are what I need today 8-)

> Sorry for the delay BTW, I've been offline for a while, painting the
> town red ;o)
Hope you had a good time.

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