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Fri Feb 16 17:30:59 CET 2007

Author: diego
Date: Fri Feb 16 17:30:58 2007
New Revision: 2803


Link to English version of the site as well.

Modified: trunk/src/projects.src.en
--- trunk/src/projects.src.en	(original)
+++ trunk/src/projects.src.en	Fri Feb 16 17:30:58 2007
@@ -267,7 +267,8 @@
 		weekly MinGW CVS builds including many libraries by Forrest F. Fuqua</li>
 	<li><a href="http://ferenc.stelcz.hu/projects/misc/">MPlayer Windows binaries</a><br>
 		MPlayer binaries by Ferenc Stelcz</li>
-	<li><a href="http://data.netfast.org/index.html">Windows binaries</a><br>
+	<li><a href="http://data.netfast.org/index.html">Windows binaries (Russian)</a>
+		/ <a href="http://data.netfast.org/downloadse.html">(English)</a><br>
 		fresh MinGW builds including ENCA and fontconfig</li>
 	<li><a href="http://mpui.sf.net">MPUI</a><br>
 		multi-language WMP-like GUI frontend by Martin Fiedler</li>

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