[MPlayer-DOCS] wrong names for encoders in man page

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Mon Feb 12 23:14:08 CET 2007

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 06:33:50PM +0100, mail at kraymer.de wrote:
> > mail at kraymer.de wrote:
> >
> >> This of course makes the following statement wrong:
> >>
> >>> You can specify codec specific encoding parameters using the
> >>> following syntax:
> >> .
> >>>.TP
> >>>.B \-<codec>opts <option1[=value],option2,...>
> >>
> >> .. because you'll have to use -ovc x264 and -x264*enc*opts
> >
> > Yes, you will. I don't see any way in which the existing documentation
> > disagrees with this; the only place it mentions 'x264enc' is as a
> > possible value for <codec> *in the string '-<codec>opts'*, not as a
> > possible value for '-ovc <codec>'.
> >
> > The only possible problem I see is that the valid values for '-ovc
> > <codec>' are not mentioned in the man page, which is intentional
> > because not all of them are necessarily available in any given build;
> > the man page does say to see '-ovc help' for a list.
> Yes, I think that's the reason for confusion. That's why I confused it and
> why once in a while some confused user writes to the mailing list or asks
> on IRC..Maybe an extra line that says that the codec names don't necessarily match
> the -ovc parameter could clear that up. Chaning the encoder names would be
> best for some users but on the other hand it could lead to breakage of
> external tools and we probably don't want that (or at least not during
> release candidate phase).

An extra note cannot hurt and yes, the names should be consistent.


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