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Author: nicodvb
Date: Sun Feb 11 12:03:09 2007
New Revision: 22201


some clarification about dvb-out playback

Modified: trunk/DOCS/xml/en/video.xml
--- trunk/DOCS/xml/en/video.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/DOCS/xml/en/video.xml	Sun Feb 11 12:03:09 2007
@@ -1732,7 +1732,7 @@
-Hardware decoding (playing standard MPEG-1/2 files) can be done with this
+Hardware decoding of streams containing MPEG-1/2 video and/or MPEG audio can be done with this
 mplayer -ao mpegpes -vo mpegpes <replaceable>file.mpg|vob</replaceable>
@@ -1741,8 +1741,9 @@
-Software decoding or transcoding different formats to MPEG-1 can be achieved
-using a command like this:
+Decoding of any other type of video stream requires transcoding to MPEG-1, thus it's slow
+and may not be worth the trouble, especially if your computer is slow.
+It can be achieved using a command like this:
 mplayer -ao mpegpes -vo mpegpes <replaceable>yourfile.ext</replaceable>
 mplayer -ao mpegpes -vo mpegpes -vf expand <replaceable>yourfile.ext</replaceable>

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