[MPlayer-DOCS] wrong names for encoders in man page

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Sat Feb 10 17:01:53 CET 2007

Hello folks,

recently someone posted to mplayer-users:

> Using -ovc x264enc as man page says does not work. -ovc x264 is correct.

.. and I think he's correct. Same goes for xvid. -oac lame doesn't work
for me either, it's mp3lame.
This of course makes the following statement wrong:

> You can specify codec specific encoding parameters using the following
> syntax:> .
> .TP
> .B \-<codec>opts <option1[=value],option2,...>

.. because you'll have to use -ovc x264 and -x264*enc*opts

Find attached patch for a fix of at least the encoder names I could test
on my system.


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