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Author: alex
Date: Thu Apr 12 13:54:47 2007
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update my wishlist

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 <h3><a href="mailto:alex_REMOVE_THE_UNDERSCORES_AND_THE_TEXT_IN_BETWEEN_ at fsn.hu">Alex Beregszaszi</a></h3>
-The ever growing number of Wishes:
-<li>notebook DDR RAM (PC2100), at least 256M, as I have one slot and
-128M now</li>
-<li>USB2.0 external 5.25&quot; IDE rack</li>
 <li>USB2.0 (high quality) analog video capturing card</li>
-<li>USB2.0 (high quality) soundcard (5.1?)</li>
-<li>some audio player hardware for adding NUT support to it</li>
-<li>any MIPS, m68k, m88k, SPARC, ARM, SH* based system</li>

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