[MPlayer-DOCS] help_mp-en.h commits to -DOCS

mail at kraymer.de mail at kraymer.de
Fri Nov 17 02:16:00 CET 2006

Hey all,

I noticed recently that commit mails for help/help_mp-en.h go to the
-cvslog list and not to mplayer-docs. I'm not completely sure if it
changed somewhen in the paste or came up after a change in the ml
configuration.However, I think it's important that these messages go to -docs (or to
both -docs and -cvslog); translators are advised to subscribe to -docs and
-translations and that should be enough to follow changes in the parts
that are important for translations.
ML admin, namely Diego I think, please add the file to the regex that
chooses files for -docs.Thanks :)


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