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Date: Fri Nov  3 06:14:37 2006
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better description for -correct-pts

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@@ -741,9 +741,13 @@
 .B \-correct-pts (experimental)
-Switches mplayer to an experimental mode where the video filters decide
-the presentation timestamp of video frames instead of the video source.
-Not supported by most filters.
+Switches mplayer to an experimental mode where timestamps for video frames
+are calculated differently and video filters which add new frames or
+modify timestamps of existing ones are supported.
+The more accurate timestamps can be visible for example when playing
+subtitles timed to scene changes with the -ass aption.
+Without -correct-pts the subtitle timing will typically be off by some frames.
+This option does not work correctly with some demuxers and codecs.
 .B \-crash-debug (DEBUG CODE)

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