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diego subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Fri Jul 14 19:14:18 CEST 2006

Author: diego
Date: Fri Jul 14 19:14:16 2006
New Revision: 19087


Changes in other areas also in this revision:

Remove support for obsolete and non-free divx4/odivx libraries.

Modified: trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1
--- trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	(original)
+++ trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	Fri Jul 14 19:14:16 2006
@@ -3870,14 +3870,6 @@
 In many cases this will not work, use \-vc null \-vo null instead.
-.B \-oldpp <quality> (OpenDivX only) (OBSOLETE)
-Use the OpenDivX postprocessing code instead of the internal one.
-Superseded by \-pp, the internal postprocessing offers better
-quality and performance.
-The valid range of \-oldpp values varies by codec, it is mostly
-0\-6, where 0=disable, 6=slowest/\:best.
 .B \-pp <quality> (also see \-vf pp)
 Set the DLL postprocess level.
 This option is no longer usable with \-vf pp.
@@ -3987,8 +3979,6 @@
 .IPs "\-vc divx"
 Force Win32/\:VfW DivX codec, no fallback.
-.IPs "\-vc divx4,"
-Try divx4linux codec first, then fall back on others.
 .IPs "\-vc -divxds,-divx,"
 Skip Win32 DivX codecs.
 .IPs "\-vc ffmpeg12,mpeg12,"
@@ -6484,8 +6474,6 @@
 .IPs "\-ovc copy"
 no encoding, just streamcopy
-.IPs "\-ovc divx4"
-Encode to DivX4/\:DivX5.
 .IPs "\-ovc raw"
 Encode to an arbitrary uncompressed format (use '\-vf format' to select).
 .IPs "\-ovc lavc"
@@ -6528,89 +6516,10 @@
 .B \-<codec>opts <option1[=value],option2,...>
-Where <codec> may be: lavc, xvidenc, divx4, lame, toolame, twolame,
+Where <codec> may be: lavc, xvidenc, lame, toolame, twolame,
 nuv, xvfw, faac, x264enc, mpeg, lavf.
-.SS divx4 (\-divx4opts)
-DivX4 is obsolete and only supported for completeness.
-For details about DivX4 options, read the source, most options are not
-described here.
-.B help\ \ \ 
-get help
-.B br=<value>
-Specify bitrate.
-.IPs 4\-16000
-(in kbit)
-.IPs 16001\-24000000
-(in bit)
-.B key=<value>
-maximum keyframe interval (in frames)
-.B deinterlace
-Enable deinterlacing (avoid it, DivX4 is buggy).
-.B q=<1\-5>
-quality (1\-fastest, 5\-best)
-.B min_quant=<1\-31>
-minimum quantizer
-.B max_quant=<1\-31>
-maximum quantizer
-.B rc_period=<value>
-rate control period
-.B rc_reaction_period=<value>
-rate control reaction period
-.B rc_reaction_ratio=<value>
-rate control reaction ratio
-.B crispness=<0\-100>
-Specify crispness/\:smoothness.
-.B pass=<1\-2>
-With this you can encode two pass DivX4 files.
-First encode with pass=1, then do another encode with the
-same parameters and pass=2.
-.B vbrpass=<0\-2>
-Override the pass argument and use the XviD VBR library instead of DivX4 VBR.
-Available options are:
-.PD 0
-.IPs 0
-one pass encoding (as in not putting pass on the command line)
-.IPs 1
-Analysis (first) pass of two pass encoding.
-The resulting AVI file can be directed to /dev/\:null.
-.IPs 2
-Final (second) pass of two pass encoding.
-.PD 1
 .SS lame (\-lameopts)

Modified: trunk/DOCS/xml/en/codecs.xml
--- trunk/DOCS/xml/en/codecs.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/DOCS/xml/en/codecs.xml	Fri Jul 14 19:14:16 2006
@@ -76,77 +76,6 @@
-<sect2 id="divx4-5">
-This section contains information about the DivX4 and DivX5 codecs of
-<ulink url="http://www.projectmayo.com">Project Mayo</ulink>.
-Their first available alpha version was OpenDivX 4.0 alpha 47 and 48.
-Support for this was included in <application>MPlayer</application> in the
-past, and built by default. We also used its postprocessing code to
-optionally enhance visual quality of MPEG-1/2 movies. Now we use our own,
-for all file types.
-The new generation of this codec is called DivX4 and can even decode
-movies made with the infamous DivX codec! In addition it is much faster
-than the native Win32 DivX DLLs but slower than
-<systemitem class="library">libavcodec</systemitem>.
-Hence its usage as a decoder is
-<emphasis role="bold">discouraged</emphasis>. However, it is useful for
-encoding. One disadvantage of this codec is that it is not available under an
-Open Source license.
-DivX4 works in two modes:
-<varlistentry><term><option>-vc odivx</option></term>
-  Uses the codec in OpenDivX fashion. In this case it produces YV12 images
-  in its own buffer, and <application>MPlayer</application> does colorspace
-  conversion via libvo. (<emphasis role="bold">Fast, recommended!</emphasis>)
-  </simpara></listitem>
-<varlistentry><term><option>-vc divx4</option></term>
-  Uses the colorspace conversion of the codec.  In this mode you can use
-  YUY2/UYVY, too. (<emphasis role="bold">SLOW</emphasis>)
-  </simpara></listitem>
-The <option>-vc odivx</option> method is usually faster, due to the fact
-that it transfers image data in YV12 (planar YUV 4:2:0) format, thus
-requiring much less bandwidth on the bus. For packed YUV modes (YUY2, UYVY)
-use the <option>-vc divx4</option> method. For RGB modes the speed is the
-same, differing at best according to your current color depth.
-If your video output driver supports direct rendering, then <option>-vc
-divx4</option> may be faster, or even the fastest solution.
-The DivX4/5 binary codec library can be downloaded from
-<ulink url="http://avifile.sf.net">avifile</ulink> or
-<ulink url="http://www.divx.com">divx.com</ulink>
-Unpack it, run <filename>./install.sh</filename> as root and do not forget to add
-<filename class="directory">/usr/local/lib</filename> to your
-<filename>/etc/ld.so.conf</filename> and running <command>ldconfig</command>.
-<application>MPlayer</application> autodetects DivX4/DivX5 if it is
-properly installed, just compile as usual. If it does not detect it, you
-did not install or configure it correctly.
 <sect2 id="ffmpeg" xreflabel="FFmpeg/libavcodec">

Modified: trunk/DOCS/xml/en/install.xml
--- trunk/DOCS/xml/en/install.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/DOCS/xml/en/install.xml	Fri Jul 14 19:14:16 2006
@@ -196,28 +196,6 @@
   <link linkend="sorenson">Sorenson video codec</link> section.
-  <emphasis role="bold">DivX4/DivX5</emphasis>: information about this codec is
-  available in the <link linkend="divx4-5">DivX4/DivX5</link> section. You possibly
-  don't want this codec as
-  <emphasis role="bold"><systemitem class="library">libavcodec</systemitem></emphasis>
-  (see above) is much faster and has better quality than this, for both decoding
-  and encoding. Features:
-  <itemizedlist>
-  <listitem><simpara>
-    one pass or two pass encoding with
-    <link linkend="mencoder"><application>MEncoder</application></link>
-    </simpara></listitem>
-  <listitem><simpara>
-    can play old <emphasis role="bold">DivX3</emphasis> movies much faster than
-    the Win32 DLL but slower than
-    <emphasis role="bold"><systemitem class="library">libavcodec</systemitem></emphasis>!
-    </simpara></listitem>
-  <listitem><simpara>
-    it's closed-source, and only a x86 version is available.
-    </simpara></listitem>
-  </itemizedlist>
-  </para></listitem>
   <emphasis role="bold">XviD</emphasis>: Open source encoding alternative to
   DivX4Linux. Features:

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