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@@ -773,10 +773,6 @@
 These are the messages that can be generated by buttons, potmeters and
 menu entries.
-Some of the messages might not work as expected (or not work at all).
-As you know, the GUI is under development.
 <title>Playback control:</title>

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 This section is about the Matrox G200/G400/G450/G550 BES (Back-End Scaler)
-support, the mga_vid kernel driver. It's actively developed by A'rpi, and
-it has hardware VSYNC support with triple buffering. It works on both
+support, the <systemitem>mga_vid</systemitem> kernel driver.
+It has hardware VSYNC support with triple buffering. It works on both
 framebuffer console and under X.
@@ -1503,13 +1503,6 @@
-VIDIX is new technology and it's extremely possible that on your
-system it won't work. In this case only solution for you
-it's port it (mainly libdha). But there is hope that it will work on those
-systems where X11 does.
 Since VIDIX requires direct hardware access you can either run it as root
 or set the SUID bit on the <application>MPlayer</application> binary
 (<emphasis role="bold">Warning: This is a security risk!</emphasis>).
@@ -1597,43 +1590,15 @@
 <sect3 id="vidix-nvidia">
 <title>nVidia cards</title>
-There's a relatively new nVidia driver out there, it's known to work on Riva
-128, TNT and GeForce2 chipsets, also others have been reported working.
-<itemizedlist spacing="compact">
-  It's recommended to use the binary nVidia drivers for X before using this
-  VIDIX driver, because some of the registers which need to be initialized
-  haven't been discovered yet, so it will probably fail with the Open Source
-  XFree86 <filename>nv.o</filename> driver.
-  </para></listitem>
-  Currently only codecs capable of UYVY colorspace output
-  can work in conjunction with this driver. Unfortunately, this excludes
-  every single decoder from the
-  <systemitem class="library">libavcodec</systemitem> family. This leaves
-  us with the following usable popular codecs:
-  <systemitem>cvid, divxds, xvid, divx4, wmv7, wmv8</systemitem> and some
-  others. Please note that this is only
-  a temporal inconvenience. The usage syntax is as follows:
-  <screen>mplayer -vf format=uyvy -vc divxds <replaceable>divx3file.avi</replaceable> </screen>
-  </para></listitem>
   An unique feature of the nvidia_vid driver is its ability to display video on
   <emphasis role="bold">plain, pure, text-only console</emphasis> - with no
   framebuffer or X magic whatsoever. For this purpose, we'll have to use the
   <option>cvidix</option> video output, as the following example shows:
-  <screen>mplayer -vf format=uyvy -vc divxds -vo cvidix <replaceable>example.avi</replaceable> </screen>
+  <screen>mplayer -vo cvidix <replaceable>example.avi</replaceable></screen>
-Reports awaited!
 <sect3 id="vidix-sis">

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