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Document geq filter.

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+.B geq=equation
+generic equation change filter
+.IPs <equation>
+Some equation, e.g.\&  'p(W-X\,Y)' to flip the image horizontally.
+You can use whitespace to make the equation more readable.
+There are a couple of constants that can be used in the equation:
+PI: the number pi
+E: the number e
+X / Y: the coordinates of the current sample
+W / H: width and height of the image
+SW / SH: width/height scale depending on the currently filtered plane, e.g.\&
+1,1 and 0.5,0.5 for YUV 4:2:0.
+p(x,y): returns the value of the pixel at location x/y of the current plane.
 .B "test\ \ \ "
 Generate various test patterns.
@@ -10229,6 +10253,13 @@
 You might want to play a bit with the pan values (e.g multiply with a value) to
 increase volume or avoid clipping.
+.B checkerboard invert with geq filter:
+mplayer \-vf geq='128+(p(X\,Y)-128)*(0.5-gt(mod(X/SW\,128)\,64))*(0.5-gt(mod(Y/SH\,128)\,64))*4'

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