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Improoving readability of pullup filter section

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 a pattern to follow, but it instead looks forward to the following
 fields in order to identify matches and rebuild progressive frames.
 It is still under development, but believed to be quite accurate.
-The jl, jr, jt, and jb options set the amount of "junk" to ignore at
+.IPs "jl, jr, jt, and jb"
+These options set the amount of "junk" to ignore at
 the left, right, top, and bottom of the image, respectively.
 Left/\:right are in units of 8 pixels, while top/\:bottom are in units of
 2 lines.
 The default is 8 pixels on each side.
-Setting the sb (strict breaks) option to 1 will reduce the chances of
+.IPs "sb (strict breaks)"
+Setting this option to 1 will reduce the chances of
 pullup generating an occasional mismatched frame, but it may also
 cause an excessive number of frames to be dropped during high motion
@@ -5931,19 +5935,24 @@
 This may help processing of video where there is slight blurring
 between the fields, but may also cause there to be interlaced frames
 in the output.
-The mp (metric plane) option may be set to 1 or 2 to use a chroma
+.IPs "mp (metric plane)"
+This option may be set to 1 or 2 to use a chroma
 plane instead of the luma plane for doing pullup's computations.
 This may improve accuracy on very clean source material, but more
 likely will decrease accuracy, especially if there is chroma noise
 (rainbow effect) or any grayscale video.
 The main purpose of setting mp to a chroma plane is to reduce CPU load
 and make pullup usable in realtime on slow machines.
+.sp 1
 Always follow pullup with the softskip filter when encoding to ensure
 that pullup is able to see each frame.
 Failure to do so will lead to incorrect output and will usually crash,
 due to design limitations in the codec/\:filter layer.
 .B filmdint[=options]

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