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Date: Sat Dec  2 01:04:03 2006
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documented -mpegopts :[va]buf_size

Modified: trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1
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@@ -9709,6 +9709,19 @@
 converted with \-ofps, is either 24000/1001 or 24 fps.
 Any other framerate is incompatible with this option.
+.B vbuf_size=<40\-1024>
+Sets the size of the video decoder's buffer, expressed in kilobytes.
+Specify it only if the bitrate of the video stream is too high for
+the chosen format and if you know perfectly well what you are doing.
+A too high value may lead to an unplayable movie, depending on the player's
+.B abuf_size=<4\-64>
+Sets the size of the audio decoder's buffer, expressed in kilobytes.
+The same principle as for vbuf_size applies.
 .SS FFmpeg libavformat demuxers (\-lavfdopts)

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