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How to handle broken/copy protected VOB files?

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+How can I backup and encode a VOB file with a broken beginning?
+The main problem when you want to encode a VOB file which is corrupted
+<footnote id='fn-corrupted-files-or-copy-protection'><para>
+To some extent, some forms of copy protection used in DVDs can be
+assumed to be content corruption.
+is that it will be hard to get an encode with perfect A/V sync.
+One workaround is to just shave off the corrupted part and encode just the
+clean part.
+First you need to find where the clean part starts:
+mplayer <replaceable>input.vob</replaceable> -sb <replaceable>nb_of_bytes_to_skip</replaceable>
+Then you can create a new file which contains just the clean part:
+dd if=<replaceable>input.vob</replaceable> of=<replaceable>output_cut.vob</replaceable> skip=1 ibs=<replaceable>nb_of_bytes_to_skip</replaceable>
 I can't encode DVD subtitles into the AVI!

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