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document message charset functionality

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+++ mplayer.1	23 Apr 2006 08:56:40 -0000	1.1263
@@ -577,8 +577,13 @@
 Prints all available options.
-.B \-msgcharset
-FIXME: Document this!
+.B \-msgcharset (see also MPLAYER_CHARSET environment variable)
+Convert console messages to the specified charset (default: autodetect).
+This will only come into effect after commandline parsing has finished,
+use MPLAYER_CHARSET to get rid of the first lines of garbled output.
+You can set this to "noconv" to completely disable the conversion (e.g. if you
+have problems with iconv). Text will then be in the encoding specified
+with the --charset configure option.
 .B \-msglevel <all=<level>:<module>=<level>:...>
@@ -9392,8 +9397,9 @@
 control the behavior of MPlayer and MEncoder.
-FIXME: Document this.
+.B MPLAYER_CHARSET (see also \-msgcharset commandline option)
+Convert console messages to the specified charset (default: autodetect).
+A value of "noconv" means no conversion will be done.

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