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--- mplayer.1	16 Apr 2006 13:38:27 -0000	1.1257
+++ mplayer.1	18 Apr 2006 08:02:39 -0000	1.1258
@@ -2226,7 +2226,7 @@
 Write the sound to <filename> instead of the default
 If nowaveheader is specified, the default is audiodump.pcm.
-.IPs fast
+.IPs fast\ 
 Try to dump faster than realtime.
 Make sure the output does not get truncated (usually with
 "Too many video packets in buffer" message).
@@ -2606,7 +2606,7 @@
 displays) this option tells MPlayer which screen to display the movie on.
 A value of \-2 means fullscreen across the whole virtual display, \-1 means
 fullscreen on the display the window currently is on.
-The initial position set via the -geometry option is relative to the
+The initial position set via the \-geometry option is relative to the
 specified screen.
 Will usually only work with "\-fstype \-fullscreen" or "\-fstype none".

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