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Mon Apr 17 15:31:05 CEST 2006


On 4/17/06, Gilles Pelletier <pellgill at gmail.com> wrote:
> In the message: MSGTR_MEncoderMP3LameHelp, there is a variable bit
> rate setting:
> " vbr=<0-4>     variable bitrate method\n"\
> "                0: cbr\n"\
> "                1: mt\n"\
> "                2: rh(default)\n"\
> "                3: abr\n"\
> "                4: mtrh\n"\
> cbr = constant bit rate
> abr = available bit rate
> what do the others mean?
> mt = ?

Mark Taylor

> rh = ?

Robert Hegemann

> mtrh = ?

Mark Taylor and Robert Hegemann

mtrh is a a mix of the so-called "old" and "new" vbr code. It's faster
than the "old" and better quality than "new".

from lame man page:

--vbr-mtrh is a new VBR algorithm developed by Mark Taylor and Robert
Hegemann (hence the "MT" and the "RH";).  In its early days, it was
not as good a quality as --vbr-old (the old, solid, original VBR,
which has been tweaked and tuned A LOT).  In the last version or two
(3.89 and 3.90) a lot of work was done optimizing this new routine,
and r3mix is now so satisfied with its quality that it is used in the
--r3mix preset.  Not only is the quality pretty darned good (dare I
say it's a slight notch better than --vbr-old?), it's twice as fast
(or more).

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