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-ao pcm:fast suboption for faster-than-realtime dumping

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--- mplayer.1	13 Apr 2006 21:25:37 -0000	1.1253
+++ mplayer.1	14 Apr 2006 13:18:35 -0000	1.1254
@@ -2226,6 +2226,11 @@
 Write the sound to <filename> instead of the default
 If nowaveheader is specified, the default is audiodump.pcm.
+.IPs fast
+Try to dump file faster than realtime.
+Make sure the output does not get truncated (usually with
+"Too many video packets in buffer" message).
+It is normal that you get a "Your system is too SLOW to play this!" message.
 .PD 1

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