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Document sinesupress audio filter, thanks to the help of Michael Niedermayer and Jan Knutar.

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 .PD 1
+.B sinesupress[=freq:delay]
+Remove a sine at the specified frequency.
+Usefull to get rid of the 50/60hz noise on low quality audio equipment.
+It probably only works on mono input.
+.PD 0
+.IPs <freq>
+The frequency of the sine which should be removed (in Hz) (default: 50) 
+.IPs <decay>
+Controls the adaptivity (a larger value will make the filter adapt to
+amplitude and phase changes quicker, a smaller value will make the
+adaptation slower) (default: 0.0001).
+Reasonable values are around 0.001.
+.PD 1
 .B hrtf[=flag]
 Head-related transfer function: Converts multichannel audio to
 2 channel output for headphones, preserving the spatiality of the sound.

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