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Add a note and a workaround about broken hardware players and how they
choke on Unix line endings in SRT subtitle files.

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--- mplayer.1	17 Oct 2005 08:50:04 -0000	1.1139
+++ mplayer.1	17 Oct 2005 22:23:37 -0000	1.1140
@@ -1467,6 +1467,13 @@
 Convert the given subtitle (specified with the \-sub option) to the time-based
 SubViewer (SRT) subtitle format.
 Creates a dumpsub.srt file in the current directory.
+Some broken hardware players choke on SRT subtitle files with Unix
+line endings.
+If you are unlucky enough to have such a box, pass your subtitle
+files through unix2dos or a similar program to replace Unix line
+endings with DOS/Windows line endings.
 .B \-dumpsub (MPlayer only) (BETA CODE)

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