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The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Wed Jun 29 05:55:25 CEST 2005

Guillaume POIRIER wrote:

>  <option>-ofps</option> 30000/1001.
> +What's more, PAL SVCDs only support 480x576 and 352x288 resolutions,
> +when NTSC only supports 480x480 and 352x240.

I mentioned this before, WRT a different patch. What this currently
means is that "at those times when NTSC only supports 480x480 and
352x240, and so far as we're telling you only at those times, then PAL
SVCDs only support 480x576 anx 352x288". The simplest fix, as before, is
to say "whereas" instead of "when"; if you don't like to use that word,
then the phrase "by comparison" would also work, although it is perhaps
slightly clunkier.

> +If the source video has a different resolution, then you must rescale
> +with the <option>scale</option> video filter, which will make your filter
> +chain look like <option>-vf scale=480:576,harddup</option> or
> +<option>-vf scale=352:288,harddup</option> for a PAL SVCD.

Either leave out "for a PAL SVCD" in the second case, or add "for an
NTSC SVCD" before the word "or".

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