[MPlayer-DOCS] XviD encoding guide

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 09:31:19 CEST 2005


On 6/23/05, Alexander Strasser <eclipse7 at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
> [...]
> > <listitem><para>
> >  <emphasis role="bold">vhq</emphasis>
> >    Default setting may be safely used for every encode, while higher
> >    settings always help PSNR, but are significantly slower.
> >    Please note that a better PSNR do not necessarily mean
> >    that the picture will looks better, but tells you that it is
>                                ^
>   typo
> [...]
> >    A low number of <option>max_bframes</option> and a high value of
> >    <option>bf_threshold</option> is probably not a wise choice as it
> >    will force the encoder to put B-frames in places that would not
> >    benefit from them, therefore reducing visual quality.
> >    However, if you need to be compatible with standalone players that
> >    only supports old DivX profiles (which only supports up to 1
> >    consecutive B-frame), this would be you only possibility to
>   typo, s/you/your/ on the above line

Ok beastd, thanks for having a look at it. I fixed it on my local
tree. I'm still looking forward to The Wanderer's report on this, and
I'll commit it (after having made sure that the XML is valid so that
the HTML is properly generated).


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