[MPlayer-DOCS] [PATCH] updated desciption of XviD

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Sat Jun 11 18:19:39 CEST 2005

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 05:24:30PM -0400, The Wanderer wrote:
> Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
> >-<ulink url="http://www.xvid.org">XviD</ulink> is a forked development of 
> >the
> >-OpenDivX codec. It happened when ProjectMayo changed OpenDivX to closed 
> >source
> >+<ulink url="http://www.xvid.org">XviD</ulink> is an open-source MPEG-4 ASP
> >+compliant video codec which, features two-pass encoding and full MPEG-4 
> >ASP
> One, lthough I favour the hyphenated form ("open-source"),
> the standard for MPlayer's documentation seems to be the non-hyphenated
> form

Yes, just write open source, or even better, free software ;)


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