[MPlayer-DOCS] [PATCH] updated desciption of XviD

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Fri Jun 10 22:08:11 CEST 2005

Just my two cents...

Guillaume POIRIER wrote:

>  <para>
> -<ulink url="http://www.xvid.org">XviD</ulink> is a forked development of the
> +<ulink url="http://www.xvid.org">XviD</ulink> is an Open Source MPEG-4 ASP
> +compliant Video codec, which features two pass encoding and full MPEG-4 ASP
> +support with makes it a lot more efficient than the well-knowed DivX codec.
> +It yields very good video quality and features CPU optimizations for most
> +modern processors, which makes it really fast too.

Unless you mean something specific by the capitalization, I'd say
"open-source" or similar, especially since "closed source" is not
capitalized below.

For the line on which two others have commented, my own (and thus third)
suggestion would be

+compliant video codec, which features two-pass encoding and full MPEG-4 ASP
+support, making it a lot more efficient than the well-known DivX codec.

I mostly agree with Diego's suggestion about the final sentence.

> +</para>
> +<para>
> +It began as a forked development of the
>  OpenDivX codec. It happened when ProjectMayo changed OpenDivX to closed source
>  DivX4 (now DivX5), and the non-ProjectMayo people working on OpenDivX got angry,
>  then started XviD. So both projects have the same origin.

Repetition of "it" at the beginning of two consecutive sentences,
referring to different hings. The simplest fix would be to replace the
second occurrence with "this". More complicated fixes are possible, but
I'm not sure they're superior.

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