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Better description of XviD's keyframe_boost and kfthreshold.
Consitency fixes.

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--- mplayer.1	8 Jun 2005 08:36:59 -0000	1.1002
+++ mplayer.1	8 Jun 2005 20:37:35 -0000	1.1003
@@ -7409,8 +7409,8 @@
 [min|max]_[i|p|b]quant options.
-.B min_key_interval=<value>
-minimum interval between keyframes (default: 0, two pass only)
+.B min_key_interval=<value> (two pass only)
+minimum interval between keyframes (default: 0)
 .B max_key_interval=<value>
@@ -7439,14 +7439,20 @@
 As of XviD-1.0.x, this option is no longer available.
-.B keyframe_boost=<0\-1000>
+.B keyframe_boost=<0\-1000> (two pass mode only)
 Shift some bits from the pool for other frame types to intra frames,
 thus improving keyframe quality.
-(default: 0, two pass mode only)
+This amount is an extra percentage, so a value of 10 will give
+your keyframes 10% more bits than normal
+(default: 0).
-.B kfthreshold=<value>
-(default: 10, two pass mode only)
+.B kfthreshold=<value> (two pass mode only)
+Works together with kfreduction.
+Determines the minimum distance below which you consider that
+two frames are considered consecutive and treated differently
+according to kfreduction.
+(default: 10).
 .B kfreduction=<0\-100>

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