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diff -u -r1.993 -r1.994
--- mplayer.1	5 Jun 2005 18:33:20 -0000	1.993
+++ mplayer.1	5 Jun 2005 19:03:21 -0000	1.994
@@ -8079,17 +8079,28 @@
 Requires bframes > 1.
+.B (no)i4x4
+Use additional macroblock type i4x4 (default: enabled).
+Without this option, P- and B-frames will use only 
+i16x16 and the inter types specified below.
+.B (no)i8x8
+Use additional macroblock type i8x8 (default: enabled).
+This option has no effect unless 8x8dct is enabled.
 .B (no)b8x8mv
 Use additional macroblock types b16x8, b8x16, b8x8 (default: enabled).
 Without this option, B-frames will use only types
-i16x16, i4x4, b16x16, skip, direct.
+i16x16, i8x8, i4x4, b16x16, skip, direct.
 See 4x4mv for details.
 .B (no)8x8mv
 Use additional macroblock types p16x8, p8x16, p8x8 (default: enabled).
 Without this option, P-frames will use only types
-i16x16, i4x4, p16x16, skip.
+i16x16, i8x8, i4x4, p16x16, skip.
 This option is provided for experimentation only.
 It is not recommended to disable 8x8mv in a real encode.
@@ -8097,7 +8108,7 @@
 .B (no)4x4mv
 Use additional macroblock types p8x4, p4x8, p4x4 (default: disabled).
 Without this option, P-frames will use only types
-i16x16, i4x4, p16x16, p16x8, p8x16, p8x8, skip.
+i16x16, i8x8, i4x4, p16x16, p16x8, p8x16, p8x8, skip.
 Requires 8x8mv.
 The idea is to find the type and size that best describe a certain area
@@ -8108,6 +8119,12 @@
 4x4mv is recommended only with subq >= 3.
+.B (no)8x8dct
+Adaptive spatial transform size: allows macroblocks to choose between
+4x4 and 8x8 DCT. Also allows the i8x8 macroblock type.
+Without this option, only 4x4 DCT is used.
 .B me=<1\-4>
 Select fullpixel motion estimation algorithm.
 .PD 0

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