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Wed Jun 23 10:24:19 CEST 2004

Diego Biurrun wrote:

> Thanks, most suggestions committed, a few comments below.
> The Wanderer writes:
>>Diego Biurrun CVS wrote:
>>>@@ -188,14 +187,12 @@
>>> .
>>> MPlayer has a fully configurable, command driven, control layer
>> "command-driven", I think - and the following comma is
>> inappropriate regardless.
> Please remind me (for the n-th time ;-) what the rule for using
> hyphens is, I continuously botch these..

Whether or not this is the formal rule (or if there even *is* one) I
don't know, but my codification of my instincts on the subject comes out
along the lines of "If a phrase is being used as an adjective, instead
of the individual words in it being used as separate adjectives, then
the words need to be connected in some way; the hyphen is the most
common and possibly best way to do so".

In this case, since "driven" is not an adjective but a past-tense verb,
but "command-driven" is being used to modify "layer", the phrase is used
as an adjective, and so...

(Oh, and since I'm in a perfectionist mode right now: that's
"continually". <grin>)

>>> Particularly useful on slow terminals or broken ones that do not properly
>>> handle carriage return (i.e. \\r).
>>"that" > "which"; this is a nitpick, but is technically correct.
> What's the difference?  I faintly remember both being equivalent from
> my English classes.

I honestly don't remember the specifics myself, just enough that this
grates on me as wrong wherever I encounter it. I should really
investigate the details sometime (I'm lazy), but for now something weird
about parts of speech is all I can come up with...

>>>-Play files according to a playlist (1 file per row or Winamp or ASX format).
>>>+Play files according to a playlist file (1 file per line, Winamp or ASX format).
>> These do not seem equivalent to me. I think that it was specifying
>> that you can use any of these three formats; at any rate, unless
>> I'm much mistaken, ASX is not "one file per line" except in the
>> sense that you aren't going to have *more* than one per line. I
>> don't know the Winamp playlist format, but I somehow doubt it's
>> simply an unformatted list with one file(name) per line.
> Hmm, apparently this is confusing, so it should be reworded.  MPlayer
> supports many different types of playlists, Winamp, ASX, SMIL (that
> one is still missing) and simple one file per line, if I am not 
> missing anything.

That's what I thought; it's what I understood from the previous way of
phrasing it. The replacement way says to me "supports playlists which
are one file per line, but they must be in Winamp or ASX format".

A simple rearrangement - "(ASX, SMIL, Winamp, or one-file-per-line
format)" - ought to fix the problem.

>>>+The aim is being able to use MPlayer as a backend for other programs.
>>Suggest "being able" > "be able".
> So you mean "The aim is to be able to use MPlayer as a backend for
> other programs." ?

Yes. I'm not completely happy with "aim", but don't have any better
suggestions offhand.

> Oh, and while we are at it.. real time, real-time or realtime?

Never the first, unless the term is being used as a noun; which of the
latter two is appropriate depends on the context, and both may be
equally acceptable. In most cases, however, I'd probably go with

For another "while we're at it": is my printf > mp_msg initial patch (on
-dev) going to get any further attention? I left off having asked some
questions about what needed to be fixed (mostly in terms of messages
moved to the translation file) before committing it, and have gotten no
reply. I could post a slightly revised version of the patch (one or two
tiny things changed) as a way of dragging attention back, but since much
of that might have to be altered I'm a little reluctant to use up
bandwidth and archive space when the parts which need attention are
already there. I kept working on more for a little while anyway, but by
now have pretty much dropped it until I hear back on what needs to be
done how.

       The Wanderer

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