[MPlayer-DOCS] Documentation building on Debian Sarge

Łukasz "frogu" Proszek l_j_p at wp.pl
Thu Jun 17 12:08:13 CEST 2004

W liście z czw, 17-06-2004, godz. 03:45, Diego Biurrun pisze: 
> "£ukasz \"frogu\" Proszek" writes:
> > Hello, here is some fedback with buliding the fine documentation on
> > Debian Sarge.
> > 
> > suggested to be included in CVS:DOC/xml/README
> > #v+
> > To build documentation on Debian Sarge you will need these packages:
> > libxml2, libxml2-utils, docbook-xsl, libxslt1.1, docbook, docbook-utils
> > and all their required dependencies.
> > #v-
> Commit.
I would like to but I don't have a mplayerHQ cvs account :\
(oh. and I'm not 100% sure if docbook-utils are required)

[cut: symlinks]

> What's the deal here? 

There's no problem now. It was just screaming for jade... don't know
why. After one fix from Torinthiel it just works... and uses xsltproc,
and not jade. I don't know what was fucked up.

> I have no trouble building the documentation on Debian..
Out of the box? I'm sure that the dtd location wasn't incluided in

> Diego

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