[MPlayer-dev-eng] [MPlayer-users] [feature request] subtitles in separate window or console

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Feb 28 13:22:43 EET 2022

Reimar Döffinger (12022-02-27):
> This prints the subtitles formatted for the OSD.
> Which I admit might be a bit questionable to fall under "identify".
> It should never contain newlines, probably should not even contain
> other characters needing escaping (as they would be a problem for the
> OSD as well), but that might not be well tested.

I see how it looks. That was indeed a simple quick way of achieving

I suspect the OP would want the accurate timestamp. And I personally
think that the current subtitle delay would be another useful

A more serious flaw: I suspect people mostly use ASS nowadays for

Now that I have updated my work tree, I will try to look at it soon.


  Nicolas George
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