[MPlayer-dev-eng] dav1d threading

sylvain.bertrand at gmail.com sylvain.bertrand at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 19:10:07 EET 2020

On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 03:54:30AM +0000, sylvain.bertrand at gmail.com wrote:
> Ok. I did enable 8 threads playback but it is stuttering nastily and I get
> the following warning:
> [libdav1d @ 0x5594de5ed7a0]The deprecated avcodec_decode_* API cannot return
> all the frames for this decoder. Some frames will be dropped. Update your
> code to the new decoding API to fix this.
> meh. This seems to be bad omens.

I did dive a bit in mplayer code. If I understood well, the libmpcodec api
decode function is made for 0 or 1 frame to be returned. Namely, it cannot work
with the "current" ffmpeg api which could return more than 1 frame, and this is
the case with the libdav1d ffmpeg decoder.

I guess this is a reasonable "gameover" for mplayer to use the "current" ffmpeg
api or did I miss something?


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