[MPlayer-dev-eng] offer to include gopher protocol support

Vincenzo Nicosia katolaz at freaknet.org
Mon Jan 13 14:07:05 EET 2020

Dear mplayer devs,

I am contacting you to ask whether you would accept a patch to include
gopher protocol support in mplayer. If you wonder "why on Earth we
should we do that?", well, you would probably be surprised to know
that there is still a lot of life in gopherspace, and a lot of
multimedia content is shared via gopher (yes, I know it's 2020).

I had a similar patch submitted and included in VLC recently, and
support for gopher has been added in mpv as well by Leonardo
Taccari. I have looked at the other stream modules in mplayer, and
adding a stream_gopher.c looks quite easy.

Would you accept a patch for that?

Thanks in advance

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