[MPlayer-dev-eng] ffmpeg build breaks

Scott W. Larson scowl at wballphotos.com
Mon Feb 19 22:23:04 EET 2018

On 02/19/2018 07:34 AM, sylvain.bertrand at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> In mplayer-export-2018-02-19, I dumped an ffmpeg git 56f77b0f678de74404ae3a64f6ba664ea4449348.
> I get the compiling error:
> libavformat/allformats.c:481:10: fatal error: libavformat/muxer_list.c: No such
>   #include "libavformat/muxer_list.c"
The top of trunk version of ffmpeg hasn't compiled in weeks. Alexander 
is working on it.

The workaround I'm using at the moment is to use the last released version.

Go to:


Then click "Clone or Download" and then "Download ZIP", then unzip the 
source into the mplayer directory. Rename the ffmpeg directory to 
something else and then rename the 3.4 directory to "ffmpeg".

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