[MPlayer-dev-eng] VAAPI/X11 video output driver

compn tempn at mi.rr.com
Sun Nov 29 12:06:33 CET 2015

On Sat, 28 Nov 2015 23:14:57 +0000
Andy Furniss <adf.lists at gmail.com> wrote:

> I crash/assert instantly with the new patch in the case of anamorphic.
> I get different traces depending on the source vid.

> libavcodec/pthread_frame.c:776 #14 ff_thread_get_buffer
> (avctx=0x555557081c40, f=f at entry=0x5555570a3398, flags=0) at
> libavcodec/pthread_frame.c:852 #15 0x0000555555a28c38 in
> alloc_picture (pic=0x5555570a3390, h=0x5555570a2b20) at
> libavcodec/h264_slice.c:230 #16 h264_frame_start (h=0x5555570a2b20)
> at libavcodec/h264_slice.c:613 #17 0x0000555555a2e011 in
> ff_h264_decode_slice_header (h=0x5555570a2b20, sl=0x555557082290) at
> libavcodec/h264_slice.c:1654 #18 0x00005555559fda33 in

you arent running mplayer with -lavdopts threads option in
config are you? i remember that tends to mess up the hwaccel.

could be unrelated crash though, just guessing here.


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