[MPlayer-dev-eng] Website cleanup - projects - part 2

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Sat Nov 14 16:24:09 CET 2015

Hi Roberto,

totally agree these lists really need some maintenance!

On 2015-11-01 22:59 +0100, Roberto Togni wrote:
> On Sat, 31 Oct 2015 01:19:58 +0100
> Roberto Togni <rxt at rtogni.it> wrote:
>  this is part 2, with frontends and home entertainment systems.
> Many old projects in the frontend category, I have no idea if they are
> still functional on a modern system and with a modern MPlayer.
> A lot of dead links on the home entertainment system group.
> Note: up to date projects are not included.
> Frontends
> KPlayer: updated Jan 2008, kde4
> KumaPlayer: updated Sep 2002.
> namp: broken link, author mardk it as dead on the homepage
> Pymp: dyndns link, redirect to login page of a modem!
> Pygme: updated Sep 2005, authr says he gave up on it
> GtkPlayer: updated Sep 2002, not a frontend (widget source code)
> MPlayerTCL: dead link, redirect to lycos homepage
> eMotion: dead site
> QUI for MPlayer: updated Dec 2011, website quite broken
> MPlayer & XMP GUI Project: updated 12 years ago? No release
> Qxmp: link 404. Home site is about math in French
> MPlauncher: last pudated Aug 2006
> mplayerTV: last updated Dec 2006
> mplay: last updated Oct 2008
> X-ChaMan: last update Mar 2004
> Beeh! Player: last updated May 2005
> Home Theater Personal Computer Menu: last updated Nov 2004
> IDRA: last updated Apr 2005
> jmPlayer: last pdated Oct 2005
> gHDTV: dead site
> WebMplayer: last updated Aug 2007
> FrogEye: dead site
> ASDF: last updated Jan 2007
> libplayer: last updated in 2010? Not a frontend (api library)
> mpxtended: last updated Sep 2007
> XULPlayer: last updated Apr 2009
> PyMPlayer: dead link
> MplayerBuddy: link 404, new url /projects/mplayerbuddy/. last updated
> Aug 2007 PyAcceleREMOTER: last updated Apr 2008
> Tickle Tunes: dead site
> AniMPlayer: dead link
> Xt7-Player: dead site
> JJMplayer: last updated Nov 2008
> Klactoveedsedstene: site is unrelated
> Java MPlayer: link 404, new url /projets.php?article=java-mplayer
> Bright-Player: v0.4, date unknow, opkg site is unrelated
> lxbdplayer: last updated Jun 2010
> mymplayer: last updated Jul 2010. Is it a frontend or a python tutorial?
> MPlayerCtrl: link 404, site 404
> NoName MPlayer Front-End: no release, first and last commit Sep 2010
> Home Entertainment Systems
> Freevo: dormant (author's word)
> My Media System: dead site
> LinVDR: last release Dec 2004
> VDR Extensions - MPlayer: last updated Dec 2009. Does it work with
> modern VDR? Openmovie: empty site
> DMC (RJB's Digital Media Center): site dead
> GiantDisc: dead site
> ARCHIMEDIS media terminals: dead site
> LamaBox: unrelated Chinese site (clothing?)
> PowerCinema for Linux: PowercCinema is no longer in the product list
> AIDO: still vaporware. Site hugely broken
> MeBox: abandoned vaplrware. replaced by Kaa (freevo?), links to broken
> page GLOTV: last updated Aug 2010
> Plastico HT: last updated Dec 2006. sf page only, website is dead
> TV Mosaic: link 404. New link /software.html
> Smitten Media Centre: hijacked
> Anybody interested in trying them?
> I will probably drop everything not updated in this decade, at least to
> ease the maintenance of the list.

  Sure, go ahead. Listing reasons why individual links got removed
like you did above in the commit message would probably be a good
idea. And posting that later in a news article would maybe help
projects that still exist and work with current MPlayer to notice
and tell us there new sites/names. Don't take this so serious, I am
just thinking out loud...

Big thanks for looking through those web pages,

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