[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH 1/3] vo_gl: fix border-pos interaction with EOSD.

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Jan 12 13:11:17 CET 2015

Le duodi 22 nivôse, an CCXXIII, Reimar Döffinger a écrit :
> Sure, no worries, I'm already glad you could look into VDPAU.
> Feel free to commit any time.

Done. For reference, I attach the ASS file that I made for tests. I used the
following test video:

ffmpeg -lavfi testsrc=s=1024x576:d=10 -c:v libx264 -avoid_negative_ts 0 -y /tmp/169.mkv


  Nicolas George
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[Script Info]
ScriptType: v4.00+
Collisions: Normal
PlayResX: 1024
PlayResY: 576
PlayDepth: 0
Timer: 100.0000
WrapStyle: 1

[V4+ Styles]
Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, SecondaryColour, OutlineColour, BackColour, Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeOut, ScaleX, ScaleY, Spacing, Angle, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, Alignment, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Encoding
Style: Default,DejaVu Sans,12,&H00FFFFFF,&H0000FF00,&H00000000,&H80000000,0,0,0,0,100,100,0,0,1,1,1,2,0,0,0,1

Format: Layer, Start, End, Style, Name, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Effect, Text

Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\a1}? bottom left
Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\a3}bottom right ?
Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\a5}? top left
Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\a7}top right ?
Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\a10\fs600}?
Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\pos(714,336)}?
Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\pos(310,336)}?
Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\pos(512,132)}?
Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.00,0:10:00.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\pos(512,542)}?
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