[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH 2/3] configure: iconv: Remove hack that added -L/usr/lib

Josh joshf87 at live.com
Wed Dec 16 07:22:26 CET 2015

On 12/15/2015 17:03, Alexander Strasser wrote:
> Hi Josh!
> On 2015-11-18 03:30 -0500, Josh wrote:
>> On 11/14/2015 16:20, Alexander Strasser wrote:
>>> Seems not really a good idea to do such modifications to
>>> the selection of the libraries that will be linked.
>>> Also adding -L/usr/lib might invalidate previous results
>>> of tests because now a different lib will finally be linked
>>> in the end.
>>> I got caught by this hack when compiling with a mingw compiler
>>> and adding /usr/lib linker search path prioritized msys/cygwin
>>> versions of the libs.
>>> Signed-off-by: Alexander Strasser <eclipse7 at gmx.net>
> [...]
>> Had this same issue in MSYS2 only recently, caused by a recent MSYS2 update
>> that installed some MSYS2 dev files such as 'libm.a'. configure tests tried
>> (but failed) to use MSYS2's libm causing a lot of things to be disabled.
>> Along with this modification I went a little further to remove msys2 dev
>> files.
>> I meant to bring it up, eventually.
>    Are you supporting this change? Or you want to submit a
> different patch?
>    What about the other (latest versions of) patches I posted
> in this thread? Could you test (IIRC you are building mplayer
> regularly)? Any opinion?
>    Alexander
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I build nightly against latest FFmpeg and make a web release whenever I 
feel like it.

I only did as your patch, to remove -L/usr/lib. I'm in favor of the 
change. I haven't tried the SChannel patch yet and config h/mak 
generation is already quick on my build machine.

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