[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC][PATCH] Replace deprecated get_buffer, buffer_hints, and others

Roberto Togni rxt at rtogni.it
Tue Aug 18 01:42:29 CEST 2015

 Just joking, I'm not really replacing them.

This is my proposed solution to the problem, that just drops dr for
lavc codecs (except hwaccel).

Why this?

 - modern codecs (eg. h264) are not compatible with the direct
rendering structure of mplayer (IPB frames, 2 IP 1 B). It may be
possible to do direct rendering for non-reference frames, but that also
was already non functional (disabled because of some bugs)

 - dr is already failing today with most codecs, because of missing
buffer_hints and reference flag. It fails also for things like mpeg2.
Nobody complained.

 - dr is functional today for old simple codecs (eg. rpza), but
performance is not relevant for someting written to run on a 386.

 - without buffer hints, I have no idea how to map the lavc frames to
our frames, even when this could be possible (eg. mpeg2)

 - Wrapping our data structures in AVBuffers is a mess

I have a patch that can replicate the behaviour of today (try dr and
fail usually at the 2nd frame) with the new get_buffer2, if anybody is
interested (I just need to clean it up).
But I don't suggest to take this route.

What about hwaccel?

The hwaccel portion of the code is there, and may work.
But I never used hwaccel, and I don't even know if my gpu (integrated
into i7 Sandybridge) is supported by MPlayer hw acceleration.

So somebody who has a clue about hwaccel should review and test it.

This patch is just for comments; there is still a lot of code that is
now useless but not removed yet, but it's late and I want to see what
other MPlayer devels think about it.

As usual it works for me, but I just did limited testing.
If there is agreement on this solution I will clean it up and submit
a proper patch.


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