[MPlayer-dev-eng] compile mplayer on solaris,cannot find CC

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Wed Jun 19 03:30:04 CEST 2013

Hans-Dieter Kosch wrote:
> 刘驰 wrote:
>> when i excute ./configure,show that Error: Compiler is not functioning
>> [...]
> Your compiler seems not to be in $PATH, resp. not in standard location.
> Check $PATH, or try './configure --cc=<path_to_compiler>
> --host-cc=<path_to_compiler>' (s.a. './configure --help').

On Solaris 11, this would be:

./configure --cc=/usr/gcc/4.5/bin/gcc

to use Oracle's GCC 4.5.2 package ('pkg install developer/gcc-45').
Don't use the GCC in /usr/sfw/bin, it's an older version.

On Solaris 10, you would have to check 3rd party sources for GCC 4 or 
build one yourself, this normally goes without errors.

Alternatively, you can also compile with Sun Studio 12.3 but that 
requires a couple of patches and in my opinion it's not worth the effort.


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