[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] improvement of sami subtitles feature

Clément Bœsch ubitux at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 19:38:53 CET 2013

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 04:18:16PM +0900, Jihyun Cho wrote:
> I separated and trimmed the patch.
> 'mplayer_sami_ass_converter.patch' depends on
> 'mplayer_sami_html_character_entities.patch', because it uses sami_entities
> table.

AFAICT you are duplicating the SubRip-to-ASS code for the insane idea of
supporting the SubRip markup into SAMI. Maybe because some weird converter
copy/pasted the dialogues from a .srt to a .sami without taking into
account the markup at all and so you got a broken file? Assuming this, we
should support the SubRip markup in all the subtitles formats, which is

I'm not really implicated in MPlayer development anymore so I won't object
into its inclusion, but it is IMO not correct. Also, the patch is
duplicating a lot of code which is a maintenance nightmare.

On the other hand, the second patch (HTML codes mapping) is more
interesting, and it might make sense to propose something similar into the
SAMI decoder of FFmpeg.

Now in an ideal world, MPlayer should replace the subreader.c with the
subtitles support in FFmpeg (now that it supports every subtitles formats
MPlayer has) and as a consequence remove the sub-ass-converting code I
added a while ago as a "good enough temporary solution" (aka "clean hack")
which won't be necessary anymore (the decoding process of FFmpeg subtitles
is outputting ASS for every formats).

Though, I see a few blocking things for this to happen in MPlayer:
 - FFmpeg doesn't support character encoding convert yet, but I'm working
   on it, and I expect this to be solved soon
 - FFmpeg doesn't support UTF-16, this is a problem which could be somehow
   work arounded in MPlayer given a few efforts, or better, fixed in
 - The subtitles "dumping" code can't be replaced with FFmpeg API because
   there is not enough subtitles encoders, so it will mean dropping
 - It will require dropping a lot of code in MPlayer, and the development
   of MPlayer being somehow slow lately, it might require some motivation
   for the developer trying to that work.

Anyway, the idea is that adding such code in MPlayer might be a pointless
effort because one of the purpose of FFmpeg is actually to lighten up the
burden of dealing with formats & codecs in MPlayer, including subtitles.
This means whatever code you add in MPlayer for subtitles, it might
disappear in a relatively short amount of time because of FFmpeg. So if
you want your code to live on longer, I think it's wise to work on the
subtitles support in FFmpeg instead. You might also get more insightful
reviews about subtitles there since there is more activity.

Now all I just said is relevant only if MPlayer moves to FFmpeg subtitles
decoding at some point. While I believe it will happen in one or two
MPlayer forks, I'm not so sure about the original project, so this is up
to you to decide.


Clément B.
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