[MPlayer-dev-eng] Response time

Dan Oscarsson Dan.Oscarsson at tieto.com
Wed Sep 21 13:45:36 CEST 2011

What is the acceptable delay between user requests an action and it
happens in mplayer?

In my a/v sync code, I try to maintain a/v sync even during a speed
change. As there is audio buffered in ao driver and in internal buffers
that is of previous speed, the speed change will not occur before the
buffered audio has been played and the new speed changed audio data
starts being played.

When using pulseaudio, I have a delay of about 1/4 second. When using
the oss emulator there is 2 seconds buffered so it takes 2 seconds
before the speed is changed.

If you want to feel that it happens instantly, I have heard that about
100 ms is max. What do you think?

To fix this, one can reduce the audio buffered in ao driver or one could
flush all audio data and resend it with new speed. I have tried to avoid
buffering to much data, but that instead triggered bugs in pulseaudio.


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