[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] remove mp3lib

xi ctrl.alt.sup at free.fr
Wed Sep 21 11:35:31 CEST 2011

Dan Oscarsson wrote:
> ons 2011-09-21 klockan 00:18 +0000 skrev Carl Eugen Hoyos:
>> Reimar Döffinger<Reimar.Doeffinger<at>  gmx.de>  writes:
>>> I am still interested in seeing performance numbers and statistics from
>>> ffmp3 vs. mp3lib when ffmp3 is slower,
>> When I tested (after FFmpeg optimisations were committed), ffmp2float was faster
>> on systems where it does not matter (including 64bit C, SSE2 and Altivec), but
>> slower than internal libmp3 on systems where I believe it does make a
>> difference, namely 32bit MMX and SSE.
> Does it make a difference that is significant?
> I have used mplayer on a 32bit system for many years together with
> vdpau. As vdpau does take nearly no CPU time, there was always lots of
> CPU available for audio decoding. It may be different if you do not have
> hardware video decoding, but sometime we have to decide if the work to
> support old hardware is worth the extra mess in the code.
> There are a lot of ancient drivers that would be nice to get rid of.

Hey, please don't drop support for old hardware. MPlayer has always been 
the best for playing the videos on my "old" hardware ; as a MPlayer 
user, I wouldn't like this to change.

Typically, thanks to mplayer, my main computer (Bi-amd MP2800+) is able 
to play full HD 30fps video _without_ VDPAU but using near than 100% of 
both processors. Any change in mplayer could drop HD playback for me 
(even though I must admit that libmp3 is most likely not used when 
decoding my HD videos). And I can't upgrade my hardware because there is 
_no_ AGP card supporting vdpau.

MPlayer also works out of the box for playing SD videos on my PIII 850, 
using libmp3 and xmga video output driver for matrox card ...

In brief, sorry to intrude in your discussion, but I send this email to 
recall you that there are some user who own some "old" hardware and who 
are really happy because mplayer provides those "old" drivers / 
"useless" functions / ...

Thanks for reading,

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