[MPlayer-dev-eng] dvdread fix

Alexander Roalter alexander at roalter.it
Sat Sep 17 23:56:36 CEST 2011

On 09/17/2011 11:49 PM, compn wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Sep 2011 23:42:21 +0200, Alexander Roalter wrote:
>> Doesn't fall into the dvdnav field, but is needed for playback of newest
>> copy protection scheme employed by Paramount for their Thor DVD.
> technically its not a 'dvd' if it doesnt have the dvd logo...
> note for future me: mplayer is never going to be able to keep up with
> idiot fake dvd protection schemes. we need to band together with other
> projects to stay on top.
> -compn
well, it came with the Thor blu-ray, so...

projects using the libdvdread library should be ok with this patch.

I simply cannot understand what these guys at Sony, Paramount and Disney 
(these are the studios I know of) still believe implementing stupid copy 
protections on a DVD will keep anyone from getting to the content. If a 
player can play it (and I mean a player that could do it ten years ago), 
then software will always be able to play it.

I just can imagine these guys fiddling out how to trick the known player 
software into NOT playing the disc anymore. And then high-fiving 
themselves once they found a way, so the bosses can run to the studio 
once again and babble something about 'unbreakable solution' and $$$.


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