[MPlayer-dev-eng] Question for dev's: Does mplayer disable DPMS timeouts? "xset q" looks good, but timeouts never trigger

Ted Pavlic ted at tedpavlic.com
Tue Sep 6 21:50:35 CEST 2011

>> electricsheep uses mplayer to display its AVI files on Linux.
> did you test with plain mplayer? just want to make sure electricsheep
> isnt part of the problem.

Yep. If I run mplayer on an AVI directly, my monitors will stay awake
forever. Once I quit mplayer, monitors turn off as usual.

It turns out on ffplay, this problem is related to SDL. In particular,
if I set the variable:


to 1, the the problem disappears with ffplay. That doesn't fix the
problem with mplayer (even if I set -vo sdl).

> what version of mplayer are you using? older versions of mplayer would
> reset dpms because otherwise it would shut down the monitor while
> mplayer was in the middle of a movie.

I have the problem on two machines:

Fedora 15: mplayer SVN-r33251-4.6.0
Arch Linux: mplayer SVN-r34007-4.6.1

	Thanks --

Ted Pavlic <ted at tedpavlic.com>

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