[MPlayer-dev-eng] How to catch the events in the MPLAYER?

hengxing xhx321 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 10:11:59 CEST 2011


I'm a freshman in mplayer development. And I'm not familiar with the source
of the MPLAYER.

Now, I hope the mplayer can catch some events, and then put these events to
a pipe fifo
on linux.

The following are the events list:
AUDDEC_EVT_NOT_KEEPING_UP : Audio decoder is unable to continue decoding at
the current rate.
AUDDEC_EVT_KEEPING_UP         : Audio decoder has resumed being able to
continue decoding at the current rate.
AUDDEC_EVT_BUFFER_FULL       : Audio decoder buffer is full
AUDDEC_EVT_BUFFER_EMPTY    : Audio decoder buffer is empty
AUDDEC_EVT_BITRATE_CHANGE : Audio bitrate has changed
AUDDEC_EVT_FREQUENCY_CHANGE: The audio  sampling freq has changed
AUDDEC_EVT_DATA_ERROR        : Audio  decoder error has occurred
AUDDEC_EVT_PTS_EXPIRE          : Audio pts expiration event.

VIDDEC_EVT_NOT_KEEPING_UP  : Video decoder is unable to maintain the
selected decode rate
VIDDEC_EVT_KEEPING_UP          :  Video decoder is again able to maintain
the selected decode rate
VIDDEC_EVT_BUFFER_FULL        :  Video decoder input buffer is full
VIDDEC_EVT_BUFFER_EMPTY     :   Video decoder input buffer is empty
VIDDEC_EVT_UNSUPPORTED_STREAM_TYPE : stream type is unsupported
VIDDEC_EVT_STREAM_INFO_CHANGE: Change in the stream characteristics
VIDDEC_EVT_DATA_ERROR         :   stream data error

How can I do this work?

Thanks everyone for your reading

Best Regards

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