[MPlayer-dev-eng] dvd -vs- dvdnav

Steaphan Greene sgreene at cs.binghamton.edu
Wed Jul 13 18:36:47 CEST 2011

On 07/13/2011 08:58 AM, Nico Sabbi wrote:
> at the moment my plan is getting alive at the end of  every day and
> diving in my bed:-)

Mine too.  I am just fortunate to have some personal project time from
my job over the summers, and I chose to hack at mplayer this time.

> In any case there's no reason to remove anything. The two streams have
> complementary features and
> they go along perfectly well.
> I don't like the dvdnav mechanism, but I can hardly imagine a different
> one, on the other side the
> code in stream_dvd is "codus horribilis" but it's fast and as long as it
> works... don't touch it unless
> it's broken.
> dvdnav:// is simply the only way to play broken dvds or I wouldn't have
> committed the code years ago.

I see.  Sounds like the consensus is that I should leave dvd:// as it
is, and see if I can clean up the few things that don't work right (or
as well) with dvdnav.  I own significant DVD and BD collections, so I
have plenty of testing materials to help debug things.

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