[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC] internal library copies

Dan Oscarsson Dan.Oscarsson at tieto.com
Wed Mar 17 13:43:39 CET 2010

ons 2010-03-17 klockan 12:31 +0000 skrev Carl Eugen Hoyos:
> Nico Sabbi <nicola.sabbi <at> poste.it> writes:
> > Can libav* handle LATM?
> No, this is FFmpeg issue 244 (note the age!)

Unfortunately even libfaad2 is not very good at LATM. Mpeg-TS-files from
Danish TV with h264 encoded video and audio using LATM (from what I can
see) works in VLC and HandBreak, who uses patches to ffmpeg of one year
ago that was not accepted by ffmpeg, works fine.
mplayer is today the only good media player I have used/tried that does
not handle those mpeg-ts files.

We really need working LATM for mplayer.


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